About Us

Clough Tavern Farm is one of the oldest and historically significant properties in Canterbury, NH. 1734 Thomas Clough received a land grant from King George III of England in exchange for building and operating a saw and grist mill on the grant’s property’s brook. The ell was built first in 1743 and the big house circa 1777.

The homestead stayed in the Clough family until 1957. It was built as a tavern yet no records have been found to substantiate this. We do know that there were mills, a large barn with 2 large attached sheds, an orchard, sheep, horses, cattle, pastures and woods. By the mid 20th century, it had become a summer place, loved and enjoyed by 3 generations. Ethel and Andrew Scanlon, only the third family to own the property, bought the remaining 130 acres in 1964, restoring the existing buildings and bringing the land back into production. That brings us to 2003 when son David Scanlon and wife Naomi bought the property; bringing their goats, sheep and 4 daughters. Two Sisiters’ Garlic, a commercial garlic crop was added and operated along with meat goats, flock of Scottish Blackface sheep and hay fields. Today, it is home to Two Sisters’ Garlic’s, Teeswater Sheep, Raspberries, pastures and managed forestland.

Operating as a sustainable agriculture business, crops and animals are raised using organic and humane practices. The diverse choice of garlic, an endangered heritage breed of sheep, chickens, rotational grazing, hayed pastures and managed forestland was first made because each crop or animal complements the others, supports the land, kitchen and the family’s well-being while providing the highest quality products to our families and customers.

The nature of farming is change and much has occurred here over the years. The younger generation, our daughters, have families and lives of their own now. The availability of seasonal help plus our aging bodies has forced decisions as ending the commercial production of meat and garlic and moving to more manageable crops and products. Dried garlic, now purchased from other reliable USA farmers, means our garlic and blends, dip and rub are still available. The Pick Your Own raspberry patch opened in 2015 and Teeswater sheep a more versatile and marketable breed replaced the Scottish Blackface sheep in 2021. We have also added two annual events, Raspberry and Wool Day and Clough Tavern Farm Christmas.

History tells us that change is inevitable but, our goal remains that the farm is loved, productive and preserved.